Copyright and Popular Media

Copyright and Popular Media

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Media piracy in music, film and gaming is as much about the future of formal copyright governance as it is about morality and freedom of expression. An illegal consumer is not a bad or immoral person because copyright laws state the act of copyright infringement is against the law. History reveals what social networking in the world of digitalization now tells us a€“ consumers have always engaged in legal and illegal popular media consumption. Convergent consumption patterns are not new a€“ file sharing is the latest development. However the dominant few which have established the status quo over several decades strongly resist external technological challenges. The corporate elite which control the bulk of popular media and their copyrights strictly preserve the formal legal structures in which copyrights exist. But the legal reality is that the faAsade of copyright governance has been seriously challenged in the 21st Century. This book explores the unresolved issues concerned with media piracy and consumption.... ebook#12916, available at: Project Gutenberg website, available at: RIAA (Recording Industry Associationof ... MusicRulesPoster.pdf Redgum (1984) a#39;Ia#39;ve Been toBali Tooa#39; (promo video), LyricsbyJohn Schumann, available at: ... HumanRights), New Orleans Sendy, J ( 1968) a#39;Democracy and Socialisma#39;, Australian Left Review3: 8a€“16 Smith, A (1761) The Theory ofanbsp;...

Title:Copyright and Popular Media
Author:Trajce Cvetkovski
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2013-03-22


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