CorelDRAW 8 Secrets

CorelDRAW 8 Secrets

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To fully understand a sophisticated graphics program like CorelDRAW 8, it's important to read the documentation. However, many tips, tricks, and insider secrets just aren't covered in the user's manual. You could probably find some of this information by scouring the Internet or talking with fellow CorelDRAW users, but now there's an easier way to get the full scoop on CorelDRAW -- and it comes complete with tutorials and samples. CorelDRAWa¬Ąc 8 Secrets helps you take advantage of the program's exciting new capabilities and undocumented features. The book reveals the techniques for harnessing CorelDRAW's hidden power and unlocking your creative talents. Learn how to customize your workspace, discover new tools, create distortion effects, build custom palettes, design Web projects, and much more. The CD-ROM features a 30-day trial version of Corel WebMaster Suite, along with sample images, tutorials, and plug-in demos from MetaCreations -- including Kai's Power Tools.Font. Features. The practice of configuring type to print on paper is known as typesetting. ... Most Windows applications let you enter special characters by holding down the Alt key and typing the charactera#39;s ANSI address on the number padanbsp;...

Title:CorelDRAW 8 Secrets
Author:William Harrel, Winston Steward
Publisher:Wiley - 1998-04-02


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