Coronary Risk: New Perspective

Coronary Risk: New Perspective

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Thereafter Johnnie by Carolivia Herron weaves together beauty, sorrow and unwavering tragic vision attached to the fall of an African American family through incest. The plot is simple, a liaison between a father, John Christopher, and Patricia, one of three daughters, produces their daughter Johnnie. This story becomes intricate through visionary lyricism; through connections with slavery, religion, and the flaws of national destiny; through echoes of African American folk rhythms and the epic poems of Europe and Africa; and most importantly, through thematic correlation with Washington, D.C., Washington City. The novel has seven characters: the parents Camille and John Christopher; the three daughters Cynthia Jane, Patricia, and Eva; the child of incest, Johnnie; and the Mexican woman Diotima who is Patricia's friend and Johnnie's caretaker. Tragedy is converted into epic as their seven voices interlace, creating the complex lyrical texture of Thereafter Johnnie, whose closest conscious literary parent is John Milton's Paradise Lost.Plant-based foods take up a lot of space on your plate, making you thinks youa#39;re getting a lot nourishment. ... High - Fiber Foods: Fiber-packed foods - mostly fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains and legumes also cut down on your appetite. ... and can make it seem more interesting; curry makes brown rice less bland; and apple slices seem sweeter if 265 Coronary Risk: New Perspective Spicy Food.

Title:Coronary Risk: New Perspective
Author:A. Rashid Seyal
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2003-09-01


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