Corporate Finance: Linking Theory to What Companies Do

Corporate Finance: Linking Theory to What Companies Do

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Connect the latest financial theories to what todaya€™s organizations and CFOs are actually practicing in business with Graham/Smart/Megginsona€™s CORPORATE FINANCE: LINKING THEORY TO WHAT COMPANIES DO, 3E. This business-focused, accessible text is more relevant than ever as award-winning author and nationally acclaimed finance researcher John Graham of Duke University, joins master-teacher Scott Smart and international business expert Bill Megginson to help bridge the gap between academic rigor and corporate finance practices. Each chapter in this edition now integrates the latest results from Duke Universitya€™s prestigious CFO Global Business Outlook, a quarterly survey of financial executives that gauges business outlook and topical economic issues. The authors have refined this practical text and integrated technology to closely correspond with the way you teach your MBA-level course. Engaging examples, meaningful cases, and practical exercises reflect how todaya€™s changing events and recent financial crises relate to established finance principles. Cross-functional applications and career-focused features, such as actual job interview questions in the margin, make the book applicable to all students, whether finance majors or general business professionals. Time-saving online Smart Finance tools, created by author Scott Smart, further reinforce learning with integrated tutorials, interactive practice, and videos from leading finance researchers introducing key theories and concepts. Graham/Smart/Megginsona€™s CORPORATE FINANCE: LINKING THEORY TO WHAT COMPANIES DO, 3E offers the practical, global financial perspective students need to remain first in finance now and throughout their future careers. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.For example, the exchange rate quote for the Japanese yen indicates than one yen costs .010936 U.S. dollars. ... Because one dollar could purchase fewer yen on Monday as compared to Friday (91.44 versus 92.01), we say that the dollar depreciated slightly over the weekend. ... In the early part of 2009, the dollar appreciated against many currencies including the yen, the euro, and the Swiss franc, butanbsp;...

Title:Corporate Finance: Linking Theory to What Companies Do
Author:John Graham, Scott Smart, William Megginson
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2009-09-28


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