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Enron. Tyco. Arthur Andersen. These companies have turned qcorporateq into a four-letter word as headline after headline reveals shocking stories of executives stealing money from investors. But money isn't all that corporations steal. In Corporateering, Jamie Court shows how corporations routinely and quietly rob us of our personal freedoms, including privacy, security, the right to legal recourse, and more. In fact, qcorporateeringq-the act of prioritizing commercial gain over individual, social, or cultural gain-is everywhere in our lives. Court offers empowering strategies for counter-corporateering so we can reclaim our private lives, our right to health and safety, and other personal liberties.Driving Nissana#39;s Xterra is sold as getting close to nature a€” aquot;get out into the air no one else breathesaquot;17 a€” while SUVs harm the ... not the goods, and an effective corporation can then sell any good or service in the glow of the branda#39;s meaning.

Author:Jamie Court
Publisher:Tarcher - 2003


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