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People living on the Indian subcontinent have been a sharply divided lot for a very long time in spite of belonging to the same established respected older civilization. Our divisiveness resulted in inviting repeated assaults by uncivilized Arabs and savages from other parts of Asia. This led to foreign subjugation for a millennium first by Islamic invaders and looters; then by Europeans who came as traders but became rulers. The entry of aliens led to unabashed proselytizing into their newer religions. It may not be wrong to say that 99 percent of Muslims and Christians living on the subcontinent are converts from Hinduism (that has been more a way of life rather than a watertight religion for two millennia or more). This means todaya€™s inhabitants are from the same civilization and culturally speaking Hindustanis. However, a proliferation of alien religions did aggravate and compound divisiveness. The British ruled the country for two centuries or so, and did the maximum damage to our character, morale and psyche. After the a€˜First War of Independencea€™ the British promulgated pretty stiff laws especially the Police Act of 1861 to keep their a€˜slavesa€™ under tight leash. Worse still they introduced Macaulay system of education in English to wean us away from our cultural moorings, heritage, literature, moral values and our own Sanskrit language. Indian social religious and educational reformers Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Swami Sahjanand, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Swami Dayanand Sarasvati, Swami Vivekananda and Rishi Aurobindo Ghosh as well as the likes of them brought back the pride of our civilization and culture. Their influence was apparent from the beginning of 19th century in the fields of politics, public administration, and education, as well as strengthening Hinduism. This first awakening from slumber or hibernation ignited the minds of revolutionaries who selflessly and untiringly worked hard on the soils of the subcontinent and the foreign lands culminating in throwing out deeply entrenched British lock, stock and barrel. Not so nationalistic but opportunistic Congress party led by their self-serving trio of stalwarts a€“ Gandhi, his a€˜adopted sona€™ Nehru and a€˜lieutenanta€™ Patel a€“ got the subcontinent partitioned and formed government in divided India. Congress party ruled but NOT served Hindustan for 90 percent of the time since independence by strictly following British a€˜Divide and Rulea€™ policy to perfection without changing/improving archaic British laws. Being communal, Congress aggravated the divisiveness thus bringing untold misery to the masses in the form of communal strife and Hindu-Muslim riots repeatedly. The prolonged misrule by those corrupt inept rudderless politicians including the decade under its a€˜economist dummya€™ PM heading the most corrupt and arrogant government ever in the history of independent country brought in lawlessness, fragile environment, grossly inadequate infrastructure, increasing terrorism and Maoism/Naxalism, ever mounting inflation, sky-rocketing corruption, gargantuan scams, bankrupt economy, policy paralysis, stalling of reforms, and what not. The absolute number of the poor today is far more than total population of newly born country in 1947. This grave crisis-like situation warranted a second awakening in 21st century. Expectedly Hindustanis rose to the occasion once again, decimated the corrupt Congress and voted for a change by electing a visionary, strong, and honest PM from BJP with a thumping majority. This gentleman is a dynamic, focused, highly optimistic, staunchly nationalistic real leader unlike the pygmies of Congress. The task ahead is dauntingly stupendous. Modi started showing promise during his first 60 days. The damage done in 60 years may take ten years, if not more, to repair and actual proper turnaround thus placing this once great country on track to reclaim its lost genuine glory. Although independence was ushered in 67 years ago yet freedom is still awaited. That will require imminent electoral, intellectual, judicial, police, political and social reforms together with building moral character and bringing meritocracy in every appointment by doing away with the Congress policy of favours, quotas and reservations for the undeserving. Very much like Narendra Modi, the first PM to be born after independence and heading the youngest India-educated ministry, all of us have to remain optimistic and vigilant. We must perform our duties diligently as law-abiding faithful but demanding citizens alive to the times!Putting thecountry on thepathof a misguided Socialisma€”making therich richer andthe poor poorer, coupled witha queernonalignment policy having all the tilt towards the erstwhile USSRmaybe responsible for many of the ills staring at us.

Author:Sat Sharma
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-11-24


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