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Milo Devine had spent his life cutting corners and bending the rules to make his fortune until a late-night phone call from Parvez Iqbal helps him discover a conscience that leads him into a world of corruption and crime beyond his imagination. Politics, business, and organised crime merge into one as Milo investigates the bad guys while his friends perish at the hands of two gangs of ruthless criminals who think nothing of killing in the name of business. Just as he thinks he has won the day, the tables turn as his close friend, Simon, betrays him, and Milo becomes the next target for the assassins. Hiding out in Ireland with professional killers on his trail, Milo is soon faced with a choice: finish the fight or run for his life.a€œia#39;m not sure that all the youth will want anyone to take that leadership since half of them make money out of nisara#39;s little businesses. thing is though, ... are feeling let down and the whities think we get loads of money that goes down the tubes.

Author:Mike Gill
Publisher:Author House - 2012-08-24


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