Corruption Conundrum and Other Paradoxes and Dilemmas

Corruption Conundrum and Other Paradoxes and Dilemmas

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How can you be a€˜a well-known secret agenta€™? Why is a€˜the only voting method that isna€™t flawed a dictatorshipa€™? How is it that a€˜Corruption is universally disapproved of, and yet universally practiseda€™? The world of dilemmas and paradoxes touch our lives on a regular basis. In The Corruption Conundrum and Other Paradoxes and Dilemmas, V. Raghunathan, the author of the best-seller Games Indians Play, shares the charms of some of the more interesting examples allowing us to delight in the excitement, mystery, confusion, exasperation and that occasional flash of clarity and enlightenment often experienced when the world of paradoxes and dilemmas hits our own. The book takes the reader through some of the fascinating illustrations, classical and well known as well as the less common examples, in the field of management, finance and work life. Can two positives make a negative? Sample a charming little paradox discussed in the booka€”the blackmail paradox. a€˜It is perfectly legal if you gossip, reveal or threaten to reveal somebodya€™s secret (unless of course you are bound by a non-disclosure agreement). It is also perfectly legal to ask that somebody for some money. But if you undertake a combination of the two acts, each perfectly legal by itself, with respect to somebody, well you are a criminal, a blackmailer!a€™ Following the same easy, readable style of his previous best-seller, Games Indians Play, this new book should make absorbing reading and will certainly make you more curious about the world that surrounds us.With its clean setting and low costs, the restaurant was hugely popular with this clientele. ... Once this was done, he found that his old furniture did not sit well in the new environs. Ergo, the furniture was changed from flat wooden benches to upholstered chairs. ... it dawned on the proprietor that having invested so much in the infrastructure of his restaurant he must recover it by marking the prices upwards.

Title:Corruption Conundrum and Other Paradoxes and Dilemmas
Author:V Raghunathan
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2010-05-04


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