Cosmetics Applications of Laser & Light-Based Systems

Cosmetics Applications of Laser & Light-Based Systems

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In recent decades, cosmetic science has found new high-potency, bioactive ingredients that produce visibly superior skin benefits to the consumer. Light-based devices, including lasers and intense-pulsed light systems, have been used for years in the treatment of cutaneous vascular and pigmented lesions, yet have only recently appeared in cosmetic applications, beauty salons and spas. Meanwhile, ever more research and development is being performed with the intent of bringing them to the home-use market. This book is the first to introduce a range of currently used, or under development, laser- and light-based technologies that will provide greater cosmetic benefits to the consumer. It explains the basic physics of light-based technologies, the bio-physical principles behind their mechanism of action, and their applications in many cosmetic procedures. The fundamentals of skin and hair physiology (relevant to the understanding of actions of various cosmetics) are also explained, as are: cosmeceuticals; topical drugs for cosmetic benefits; non-invasive and invasive options available for beauty treatments, and how all this fits in with the emerging light-based technologies. Individual chapters are devoted to the various skin and hair conditions where light-based systems are currently used. Treatments discussed include the rejuvenation and toning of damaged skin; skin resurfacing and microdermabrasion; hair removal and growth reduction; wrinkle reduction; acne treatment and cellulite. Finally, the book examines the synergy of cosmeceuticals and topical bioactive agents with light-based technologies, safety issues, a regulatory perspective for OTC marketing, and concludes with a discussion of the business aspects related to home-use of light-based devices. * The first book to introduce this emerging technology to the personal care industry. * Explains their applications in many cosmetic procedures. * Devotes individual chapters to common skin and hair conditions.during laser treatment: Clear gel (usually chilled), contact cooling (through a window cooled by circulating water), cryogen spray (immediately before/after the laser pulse), and air-cooling [71] (Table 8.1). Topically applied gels are the ... As a rule, 6-10 laser treatments are required during the first year to achieve long- term results [59]. With most laser systems, ... It has been reported that the hair that does grow back will be smaller, lighter, and less noticeable [52]. The goal is to use theanbsp;...

Title:Cosmetics Applications of Laser & Light-Based Systems
Author:Gurpreet Ahluwalia
Publisher:William Andrew - 2008-12-16


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