Cosmology and Particle Physics

Cosmology and Particle Physics

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At this conference, both particle physicists and cosmologists presented exciting new results, from experiments that determine with unprecedented accuracy whether the universe is spatially flat, whether it is accelerating and what the nature of the dark matter could be, to more speculative ideas about its origin, based on theories of particle physics which might be confirmed or disproved in the not too distant future. This conference convinced everyone that we are truly living in the Golden Age of Cosmology.CAPP 2000, Verbier, Switzerland 17-28 July 2000 Ruth Durrer, Juan Garcia- Bellido, Mikhail Shaposhnikov ... It is fair to say that the maps obtained [23] represent the start of a qualitatively new age in CMB astronomy. ... Quite a bit still remains to be done in analysis of this data, some of which suffers from pointing problems which limit the effective resolution. ... Much effort is currently going into seeing the implications of both this and the MAXIMA data (e.g. [24, 25]), with the currently mostanbsp;...

Title:Cosmology and Particle Physics
Author:Ruth Durrer, Juan Garcia-Bellido, Mikhail Shaposhnikov
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2001-04-06


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