Cotton-fields, Corn-fields, Ricin and Elvis

Cotton-fields, Corn-fields, Ricin and Elvis

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Jon Killebrew, is a lonely, middle-aged, insurance agent from the South, who is unhappy with his life and career. On his 46th birthday, as a prank from his younger, bi-polar brother, a hacker, he receives the profile of a stranger on the networking phenomena My Space. As it turns out, the stranger is a former gymnast from Iowa. Since her profile shows a picture of two small boys, out of concern, Jon writes the stranger to expose his brother as the culprit. Jon explains that Paul is physically harmless, however, advises her to remove the picture of her two boys from the website, as a precautionary measure against sexual predators. A couple days later, the stranger responds and slowly dialogue begins. After a couple of weeks talking on the computer, they exchange phone numbers. Before long, Jon finds himself driving 350 miles to meet Gabrielle in person, for a weekend in Missouri. What follows is a whirlwind of mixed emotions as a deep friendship evolves. Can this friendship develop into something more despite the fact they live 700 miles apart? My novel a€œCotton-fields, Corn-fields, Ricin, and Elvis, carries the reader on an emotional journey, filled with challenges, as a long distance romance slowly evolves. Will their love survive an unexpected life changing event or will tragedy become a game changer? What does Cotton-fields, Corn-fields, Ricin, and Elvis have in common? The reader will discover the answer to this in the final chapter. This book is based on a true story, although some names have been changed to protect the children involved, especially.a€œIta#39;s a 2006 Nissan Frontier, a€ Mark answered. a€œIt only has 16, 000 miles on it, a€ Jon asked looking at the ... a€œIt does look like ita#39;s been well taken care of, a€ Jon said hoping to hear confirmation. a€œIt was clean as a whistle when the old man brought itanbsp;...

Title:Cotton-fields, Corn-fields, Ricin and Elvis
Author:Tony A. Curtis
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-02-21


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