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Jake Collin, a modern day cowboy in western Montana, qwasq the town's most wooed after qhunk-of-hunksq, until a stranger wandered into town, Nan, who had sexy and friendly dialed up to a full blown 10+. Jake a Nan married, and at the start, life was peaches a cream... until lately. Nan did a 180 change, took up residence on the living room couch, and now does nothing except bitch, eat, brood, watch TV... but supplies extra helpings of rolling in the hay. Truth is, Nan is a behaviorally modified clone, sent to coerce Jake into a very large illicit placer gold mining deal. Nan's 180 is a malfunction in her microchip implants... caused by her human instincts of love for Jake, and life away from her creator. A wild plant growing in the Amazon is at the story's root. The plant IS the tree of life... cures everything... and makes cloning humans easy. qThe Creatorq, the story's top evil genius, holds the secret of the plants location from the world, and uses its powers to perpetuate his business ventures... like cloning suicide bombers with explosives implanted into their bodies that can be telepathically implemented. The free world wants the Amazon plant and to end The Creators business. Jake's Couchwife is the catalyst for that end because her human side for true love battles against The Creator's controls. This gives NSA spies clues for operations which saves Jake's life, but he violently loses everything, except his mother's will, His old girlfriend Eda, and a miraculous new life that includes farming the Amazon plant for humanity.Red belched a long cloud of kippers, and then replied calmly, a€œTaylor, youa#39;re a deprived man. I know that because ... You must be an Avon man a€“ A perfumed girls kind of guy a€“ A real-life blow-your-load in five strokes whimp boy. Try a womananbsp;...

Author:Paul Garmisch
Publisher:First Edition Design Pub. - 2015-04-03


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