Council of Bears

Council of Bears

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This is Pete Merrill's second book about bears. The first, Ralph, Conversations with a Bear, describes his meeting in the woods near his home with curmudgeonly old Ralph Shakesbear and his young grandson Macduff. Their relationship was usually contentious -- Ralph considers Homo sapiens an inferior lot. qHuman beans, q as he calls them, qare a dysfunctional species who are forever shooting themselves in the foot.q Pete and Ralph managed to maintain tolerable relations until the pressures of encroaching civilization became intolerable. Pete agreed to help relocate Ralph and Duffy to Olympic National Park where Ralph thought they could qlive in peaceq as every bear has a right to, away from the corrupting influence of the qbeansq. In Council of Bears we find the aging Ralph, now Alpha bear, elder statesman and self-appointed ursine major domo, attempting to organize all the bears in the south end of the park. His authority apparently does not extend to his irrepressible adolescent grandson, Macduff who much prefers driving the park rangers crazy and keeping campers on constant alert. Macduff considers that he is doing the campers a favor -- providing them with wilderness adventures they can qtell their grandchildren aboutq.The five leathera€”clad men with the multia€”colored hair appeared from around the back of the protest bus. All were clearly overheated and three ... a€œGet some shovels and go down there and find a guy named Archibald. Hea#39;ll tell you what to do.

Title:Council of Bears
Author:Pete Merrill
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2004


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