Counterinsurgency and the United States Marine Corps

Counterinsurgency and the United States Marine Corps

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From the turn of the 20th century until the end of World War II, the United States Marine Corps fought a series of qsmall wars, q starting in the Philippines in 1899, and ending in the islands of the southwest Pacific in 1945. Through this experience, the Marines perfected the prosecution of such wars in its famed Small Wars Manual, written for Marine Corps schools in the late 1930s. The present volume is a chronological examination of the various Marine expeditions in the Pacific, West Indies and Central America from 1899 through 1945, and of the lessons learned.As Craig recalled, the patrols normally consisted of two officers and thirty enlisted Marines, and took to the field with the task of apprehending the guerrillas. These patrols, armed with insufficient intelligence and instructions as to the location of the rebel camps, as well as to what the objective ... in order to hit the camp at daylight in the morning, and on my patrol I had a man from another organization armed with an Enfield rifle. All of my men were equipped with the Springfield, 1903.

Title:Counterinsurgency and the United States Marine Corps
Author: Leo J. Daugherty III
Publisher:McFarland - 2015-07-21


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