Course Notes: Criminal Law

Course Notes: Criminal Law

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The ideal companion to developing the essential skills needed to undertake the core module of criminal law as part of undergraduate study of law or a qualifying GDL/CPE conversion course. Providing support for learning and revision throughout, the key skills are demonstrated in the context of the core topics of study with expertly written example sets of notes, followed by opportunities to learn and test your knowledge by creating and maintaining your own summaries of the key points. The chapters are reinforced with a series of workpoints to test your analytical, communication and organisational skills; checkpoints, to test recall of the essential facts; and research points, to practice self-study and to gain familiarity with legal sources. qCourse Notes: Criminal Lawq is designed for those keen to succeed in examinations and assessments with view to taking you one step further towards the development of the professional skills required for your later career. In addition, concepts are set out both verbally and in diagrammatic form for clarity, and the essential case law is displayed in a series of straightforward and indisposable tables illustrating how best to analyse and compare legal points as expressed by the opinions of the authorities in each case. To check your answers to questions examples are provided online along with sample essay plans and web links to useful web sites and sources at, making this the ideal resource to guide you through the demands of compiling and revising the information you will need for your exams.(a) The definition of criminal damage under section 1 of the Criminal Damage Act 1971 is as follows: a#39;A person who ... and Claire were arguing in a pub one evening over who would get to take Matthew, a man at the other end of the bar, home.

Title:Course Notes: Criminal Law
Author:Lisa Cherkassky
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-01-11


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