Covenant of Aries

Covenant of Aries

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When a mysterious substance starts jamming communications and a string of catastrophes bring the world to the brink, many thought it could get no worse. Some believed that God could not let people endure a fate so cruel, so terrifying. They were all wrong. Because what's coming at Mankind from a brightening star in the constellation Aries is not his God, it's the opposite. Worse, these are demons from an ancient civilisation known only to a select few. And one of those few has summoned them with a blood sacrifice. Somehow, amid a collapsing society, five men and a woman must aim past the fuzz of confusion to strike at the heart of the very things that are feeding off the terror of a planet in order to grow stronger. But can they do it before the first demon lands to reclaim its Dread Empire on Earth?Reynoldsa#39; fist tightened until its knuckles went white. a#39;A virus ... Reynolds rose and fixed Parker with a stare. a#39;Alright ... Gill was ugly and had a hot wife who wore leather skirts and worked out like Richard Simmons had died and possessed her.

Title:Covenant of Aries
Author:Johnny S. Geddes - 2012-04-01


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