Cow County Chip

Cow County Chip

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One hundred and twenty-eight short stories of high-speed pursuits, heart-breaking traffic accidents, drunk drivers, physical confrontations, unsolved murders, character studies of police officers and civilians, ethical quandaries, humor, and other events that went well beyond routine activities are included in a€œCow County Chip.a€ For the most part, other police officers would have similar stories to relate, but the circumstances would vary, and there are a few episodes here that almost certainly would be uniquely T. R. a€œTicket Teda€ Shannona€™s. The majority of the events took place in the pastoral Sierra Nevada county of Calaveras. Due to supporting vast herds of cattle, many of Californiaa€™s rural counties are referred to as a€œcow counties, a€ and one nickname for CHP officers is a€œChips, a€ thus the title of this book. T. R. Shannon ProductionsI personally benefited from modern safety engineering on February 27, 2008. ... full-sized Dodge pickup rear-ended my 2004 Toyota Tacoma pickup; the force of the impact propelled me directly into the path of an oncoming Toyota Camry.

Title:Cow County Chip
Author:T. R. Shannon
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-02-25


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