Cracks in the Wall

Cracks in the Wall

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When Vietnam veteran Peter Davies overstays his welcome with his suspicious behavior at the Vietnam Veterana€™s Memorial Wall in Washington, DC, hea€™s thrown into the back of a police car. After a violent outburst, hea€™s heavily drugged and admitted to the VA Hospital. When he awakes three days later, Davies has no idea where he is or what hea€™s done. Faced with a choice between jail time for the damage he caused to police vehicles or to remain at the VA for further observation, Davies opts for a longer hospital stay. Psychiatrist Prescott Brown vows to work with Davies to discover the root of his problems. But Daviesa€”whoa€™s been sober for twelve yearsa€”feels like a white trash drunk baring his soul to a guy in fifteen hundred dollar loafers. Davies is sure of one thing: Hea€™s not about to share the secret of what happened years ago. As Davies recounts his life story to Prescott, the doctora€™s life is changed by the journey as the two men travel through chaos into clarity.a€œWell, then, how much do youknow about how this place runs? a€œNot so ... Why wea#39; re training, in anut shell, is this: thisisa black ops camp. ... a€œYou might as well takeadvantage of the perks, a€ he told me, so we went toeat the food in that galley.

Title:Cracks in the Wall
Author:J. Morris Lavallee
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-12-16


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