CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 91st Edition

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 91st Edition

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Mirroring the growth and direction of science for a century, the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, now in its 91st edition, continues to be the most accessed and respected scientific reference in the world, used by students and Nobel Laureates. Available in its traditional print format, the Handbook is also available as an innovative interactive product on CD-ROM and online. This yeara€™s edition adds many new tables and major revisions ... For the electronic version of the Handbook, go to the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, CD-ROM 2010 NEW AND UPDATED TABLES FOR THIS EDITION Section 6: Fluid Properties -- New tables on thermophysical properties of selected fluids at saturation and on the dependence of liquid density on temperature and pressure -- Major updates for tables on the density of water and properties of ice and D2O -- Major update and expansion of the table on critical constants of organic compounds Section 8: Analytical Chemistry -- Major updates for tables on the ionization constants of water and heavy water Section 9: Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy -- Updates for tables on atomic radii of the elements, bond dissociation energies, and spectroscopic constants of diatomic molecules Section 10: Atomic, Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy -- Major update for the table on atomic transition probabilities (added new elements) and updates for tables on electron affinities and atomic and molecular polarizabilities Section 12: Properties of Solids -- New table on electron stopping powers of elements Section 13: Polymer Properties -- New tables on abbreviations in polymer science and on physical properties of polymers The benchmark of scientific reference since the days of Einstein, Eddington, and Planck, no book is held to a higher standard than the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. Perpetually vetted for misspellings, miscalculations, misperceptions, and misnomers, it is republished every year, so no mistake needs to be long abided, no enhancement long awaited. The job of editing the Handbook requires not only one who is relentless, driven to perpetually push the level of accuracy one more decimal point, but also one who is humble enough and smart enough to understand that the Handbook, like science itself, is a living, changing thing, and that it is both a record of achievement and a foundation for further improvement of that record. Until this year, the Handbook has been guided through 90 editions by just four editors. The last, David Lide, guided the book through 20 editions. Perhaps most importantly, Dr. Lide guided the Handbook into the electronic age, overseeing the creation and the continual improvement of interactive web and CD versions that have now become staples in every research library of note.It takes a scientist to edit the only scientific handbook that can be rightfully called The Handbook.

Title:CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 91st Edition
Author:William M. Haynes
Publisher:CRC Press - 2010-07-01


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