Creating Your Dreams & Making Them Real!

Creating Your Dreams & Making Them Real!

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Creating Your Dreams and Making them Real- what an exciting title! Yes it is, and too many of us fall short on both. Using your imagination to create the person you want to be, developing all your God given talents, and creating an environment that is healthy for you and your loved ones, isn't this a worthwhile pursuit? These powers are latent in each and every one of us. This program has been designed to encourage and enable you to develop your abilities, and to use your mental powers to create a better present and future for you and those around you. It is a call to Action! A call to self-discipline! And a call to positive habit formation! We all have habits: Many are useful and desirable, some need to be modified, some have to be done away with all together. This program has been written to guide, foster, and bring about improved personal performance. My earlier work, INSPIRATION AT WORK*, set in motion a means to successfully improve one's personal performance. With this program, Creating Your Dreams and Making Them Real, I present a series of inspiring daily reflections, exercises, and action plans that will help you reflect positively on your own life experiences and evaluate your current performance level. You can change your performance level in every area of your life by applying the mental exercises in this program on a regular and selective basis, and by implementing your own action planning'. Move forward! Do it now! Commit to make this part of your personal toolkit' to be used to improve your life and the lives of those around you! * Ruotolo, Robert A. INSPIRATION AT WORK: Igniting A New Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Individual and the Corporation. Dona Nobis Pacem Press, 1997.SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURIAL MANAGEMENT: How to Create Personal and Business Advantage. ... SUCCESSFUL MANAGERa#39;S HANDBOOK: Development Suggestions for Todaya#39;s Managers. Personnel Decisions, Inc., 1996.

Title:Creating Your Dreams & Making Them Real!
Author:Robert Ruotolo
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2002-04-01


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