Creationism and Its Critics in Antiquity

Creationism and Its Critics in Antiquity

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qDavid Sedley's treatment of ancient views on intelligent design will transform our current thinking.q--Thomas Johansen, author of qPlato's Natural Philosophy: A Study of the Timaeus-Critiasq qqCreationism and its Critics in Antiquityq has the qualities of a classic. Powerfully organised round an enthralling theme, it is singularly rich in execution. The author's unsurpassed command of his material is matched by the clarity, originality, and imaginative detail of his arguments. The book is as accessible as it is authoritative. It speaks to everyone interested in Greek philosophy, and very many of its readers will go back to it again and again.q--Sarah Broadie, author of qAristotle and Beyond: Essays on Metaphysics and EthicsqThe prize example of this is human fingernails and toenails. ... residual utility may be, no longer serve the vital locomotive and defensive functions they did in the species that originally developed them. ... Thus earlier, in his account of the godsa#39; original design of the human body, we read the following highly theorized explanation of nailsa#39; origin (76d3a€“e4): The triple ... would be produced from men, and were aware too that for many purposes many creatures would need the use of claws.

Title:Creationism and Its Critics in Antiquity
Author:D. N. Sedley
Publisher:Univ of California Press - 2007


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