Creation's Ballet for Jesus

Creation's Ballet for Jesus

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The Stage was built long ago. Now angels, men, stars and planets take their places. The Ballet is about to begin. This dance is not merely about interesting movements - there is a story to be told. It is not just that Jesus has come to earth, it is about why. With the Bible, the Ballet takes shape. The constellations hang the backdrops. The festivals of the Jewish year give the troupe its depth. Gestation, Circumcision, Purification and the qBlood Moonq add dramatic emphasis at key points. At Creation, the Morning Stars sang, but when Jesus qtentsq among us, they dance an exquisite Ballet. Guided by the Dance above them, based upon roots laid centuries before, the Magi make their journey in faith.If we start trying to move the extra months around too much, then the correlation of sky events with Hebrew festival dates ... 107 The Moon is full, and Saturn is merrily trekking its way through Taurus, the bull a€“ often a bull was used for a sin ... Problem 57 of the Rhind papyrus, a thousand years earlier, defines the seqt or seked as the ratio of the run to the rise of a slope, ... Clement of Alexandria, a€ December 19, 2006 [ whenwasjesusbornclementofalexandria/]:anbsp;...

Title:Creation's Ballet for Jesus
Author:James Lindemann
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2013-02-11


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