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Disappointing former clients But I was quickly learning that maybe I should rethink about how I want to spend my time. North Bay was besieged with Life Insurance Agents, Investment Agents and the competition was fierce. I had a former Commercial client that Ia€™d set up in business years previous. Ia€™d seen him through some rough periods as he established himself against the North Bay competition in his field. Now that I was no longer the Manager of the Bank (Caisse) he begrudgingly agreed to let me do a proposal to him and his Common Law spouse over which I laboured for many hours. One night I made the presentation to them. At one point he appeared to be wanting to look macho and protecting his gal pal from the big bad Investment Companies. I was told: a€œWea€™ll get back to youa€. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY?? A few days later my former and unappreciative Bank client called me and told me that he had Robert Dick, another Investment Counsellor who worked for Investors Syndicate had reviewed my in-depth presentation and tore it to pieces, and came up with a better plan. a€œOf course he dida€, I said. a€œWhaddya mean, Leslie?a€ he asked. I said: a€œIt doesna€™t take much talent to take some one elsea€™s work and do a major critique of it especially if the end result is you will receive a commission cheque. He will put you and your girlfriend into the flavour of the month that earns him the biggest bucks. My plan was taking into account your spousea€™s obvious risk aversion. Anyway you go with Mr.Dick and let me know in a year or to if you are ahead or behind. Anyway, thanks for letting me offer you my companya€™s service and our personalized plan and I wish you the best. No hard feelings.a€ He seemed quite embarrassed momentarily, but I grabbed his hand shacked it and walked away feeling good about the encounter.YOU CAN BANK ON THAT Brian L. Coventry. Montreal. ... And finally they have to write a real nicey nicey Letter of Recommendation stating what a wonderful employee you were, your Branch of the year awards, great profitability, etc. He saidanbsp;...

Author:Brian L. Coventry
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-01-23


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