Creative Life : Music, Politics, People, and Machines

Creative Life : Music, Politics, People, and Machines

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In this eloquent and passionate volume, composer and electronic musician Bob Ostertag explores the common ground and points of friction among music, creativity, politics, culture, and technology. In terrain ranging from the guerrilla underground in El Salvador's civil war to the drag queen underground in San Francisco and New York, these essays combine journalism and autobiography to explore fundamental questions of what art is and what role it can occupy in a violent and fragmented world, a world in which daily events compromise the universality toward which art strives. Drawing on his intimate engagement with political conflict in Latin America, the Balkans, and the Middle East, Ostertag identifies an art of qinsurgent politicsq that struggles to expand the parameters of the physical and social world. He also discusses his innovative collaborations with major modern performers, filmmakers, and artists around the world. Part memoir, part journalism, and part aesthetic manifesto, Creative Life is a dazzling set of writings from a musical artist who has worked on the cutting edge of new music for thirty years.I stared at the charts Anthony had given me and my heart sank. Keyboard parts! I didna#39;t know how to play keyboard. My synthesizer didna#39;t even have a keyboard. ... What was I ever going to do? I was absolutely convinced that I should not beanbsp;...

Title:Creative Life : Music, Politics, People, and Machines
Author:Bob Ostertag
Publisher:University of Illinois Press - 2009


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