Crib Notes

Crib Notes

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Am I ready to be a mom (and will I be good at it)? How do I make that happen (Sex Ed. was so long ago)? When does morning sickness end (and why does it last all day)? Why is everyone touching my belly (and how do I make them stop)? Are contractions supposed to hurt this bad (or am I being a sissy)? Is this kid supposed to eat so often (and will my shirts ever button again)? Where is the old me (and do I even want her back)? The frank humor and refreshing honesty with which Crib Notes approaches conception, pregnancy, and parenthood will not only provide a welcome distraction from all those questions in your pretty little head, but will offer some explanations along the way as well. True Confessions of real moms at various stages of motherhood, and a mini Daddy Dictionary are added bonus features!Well, how did you know your partner was a€œthe onea€? How did you know when you had found the right wedding dress? ... Therefore, if your cycle is regular enough to know when you ovulate, you can up your odds of getting pregnant faster.

Title:Crib Notes
Author:Kelly Perotti
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-12-19


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