Crime Wave

Crime Wave

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Crime movies inhabit dark and desperate worlds, yet they account for many of Hollywooda€™s most triumphant successes. In full acknowledgement of this achievement, 'Crime Wave' offers an authoritative and informative, stimulating and entertaining guide to the crime movie phenomenon, from its early days to the present, charting its history and celebrating the people who have given it a special and enduring place in cinema goersa€™ affections. Chapters focus on landmark Hollywood films - from 1931a€™s 'The Public Enemy', through 'The Maltese Falcon', 'Point Blank', 'Dirty Harry', 'The Godfather Trilogy' and 'Goodfellas', to 'LA Confidential' and 'Oceans 11' - telling their stories and on the way discussing many more crime movies, both major and lesser known. 'Crime Wave' represents and investigates gangster and heist movies, blaxsploitation and noir, murder mysteries, vehicles for vigilante or buddy cops, even a gangster love story. It features biographies and filmographies detailing the key participants and background details of the filma€™s making, locations and sets. It also explores each filma€™s sources and influences, its impact on the crime genre and current fashion, including spin-offs, copies and sequels. It examines the filmsa€™ themes, style and box office fortunes. Detailed cast list information is provided for each of the main featured films. Written with passion, for those who love this cinema, 'Crime Wave' is the perfect partner in crime. 'Howard Hughes has written a fine book about a broad and fascinating subject. Particularly impressive are his pieces about 'Kiss Me Deadly' and 'Point Blank'. Howard's take on these films is consistently fresh and intelligent; 'Crime Wave' is an excellent read.' Alex Cox, writer, broadcaster and filmmaker 'Smart, thorough, slick, intriguing and compulsive - just like the classic crime movies it covers.' Andrew Collins, writer, broadcaster and film editor at the Radio TimesThe Filmgoersa#39; Guide to Great Crime Movies Howard Hughes. One of the best known of The Asphalt Junglea#39;s derivatives was Stanley Kubricka#39;s The Killing ( 1956), the young directora#39;s third film. Sterling Hayden was cast as Johnny Clay, whoanbsp;...

Title:Crime Wave
Author:Howard Hughes
Publisher:I.B.Tauris - 2006-05-26


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