Crimelord: The Licensee

Crimelord: The Licensee

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Crimelord is the gripping life story of elusive multimillionaire gangster Tam McGraw. A notorious criminal kingpin, McGraw has risen from extreme poverty in the East End of Glasgow to become one of Scotland's wealthiest men. When hash started to flood into Scotland from the late 1980s onwards, suspicion centred on McGraw, leader of the infamous Barlanark Team. After a two-year surveillance operation, police discovered the drug had been hidden in buses carrying young footballers and deprived Glasgow families on free holidays abroad. It was a scam reminiscent of the movie The Italian Job, only this time Scots kids had been sitting on hash worth over Ap40 million. Police claimed McGraw was the financier and mastermind but in 1998 a jury declared him innocent while other suspects were jailed. As McGraw refuses to discuss his life publicly, his remarkable tale is told through friends, fellow crooks and the occasional rival. It is an outrageous, often hilarious, true gangster story.They had been running a regular cannabis delivery service back to London using heavy transport when one of the drivers ... From time to time, Customs and police did intercept cash couriers, so he agreed to let the driver have the next load, half a tonne, ... a#39;How much have you been taking? ... During darkness, lorries would take the hashish oil or resin, double-wrapped in sacking, down to the coast.

Title:Crimelord: The Licensee
Author:David Leslie
Publisher:Random House - 2011-04-29


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