Criminal Entrepreneurship

Criminal Entrepreneurship

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You must know how scams take place, how criminals use their creativity to break laws and how scandals happen in spite of all government regulations. This book will enable you to know all these so that you can stop them. Every society must know about how to promote social entrepreneurs and curb criminal entrepreneurs. Every society must create support systems for those who wish to help the society and must prevent people from becoming criminals. This book brings to light how three major scams took place in India.The. Share. Scam. by. Harshad. Mehta. There were twobroad schemes used for circumvent the above described RBI Regulations: InPortfolio Management Scheme, funds were placedbythe corporate sector with banks and their merchant anbsp;...

Title:Criminal Entrepreneurship
Author:Trilok Kumar Jain
Publisher:Booktango - 2015-01-28


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