Crisis Communications: The Definitive Guide to Managing the Message

Crisis Communications: The Definitive Guide to Managing the Message

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The Definitive Guide to Communicating in Any Crisis a€œWhen facing an already difficult crisis, the last thing a company needs is to make it worse through its own communications a€“ or lack thereof. As one who has lived through a number of [business] crises and served as an independent investigator of the crises of others, I consider Steven Finka€™s book to be an excellent guide to avoiding collecting scar tissue of your own by learning from the scar tissue painfully collected by others.a€a€”Norman R. Augustine, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Lockheed Martin There are few guarantees in business today. Unfortunately, one of them is the inevitability of a crisis having a potentially major effect on your business and your reputation. When your company finds itself in the midst of a crisis, the ripple effects can disrupt lives and business for the foreseeable future if public opinion is not properly shaped and managed. Skillfully managing the perception of the crisis determines the difference between a companya€™s life or death. Because in the pitched battle between perception and reality, perception always wins. Fortunately, there is a solution. Crisis communications and crisis management legend Steven Fink gives you everything you need to prepare for the inevitablea€”whether ita€™s in the form of human error, industrial accidents, criminal behavior, or natural disasters. In this groundbreaking guide, Fink provides a complete toolkit for ensuring smooth communications and lasting business success through any crisis. Crisis Communications offers proactive and preventive methods for preempting potential crises. The book reveals proven strategies for recognizing and averting damaging crisis communications issues before ita€™s too late. The book also offers ways to deal with mainstream and social media, use them to your advantage, and neutralize and turn around a hostile media environment Steven Fink uses his decades of expertise and experience in crisis communications to help you: UNDERSTAND AND MANAGE THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PUBLIC PERCEPTION AND REALITY CHOOSE THE BEST SPOKESPERSON FOR THE CRISIS PROTECT YOUR BRAND AND REPUTATION THROUGH CRISES LARGE AND SMALL MAKE WISE, VIGILANT, AND DEFENSIBLE DECISIONS UNDER EXTREME CRISIS-INDUCED STRESS TELL THE TRUTH NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING IT MAY BE TO MISLEAD USE SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS TO COMMUNICATE DIRECTLY TO THE PUBLIC ABOUT A CRISIS The explosion of the Internet and, especially, social media, has added a new layer to the business leadera€™s skill set: the ability to handle a crisis quickly and professionally within moments of its occurrence. Livelihoods depend upon it. With in-depth case studies of Toyota, BP, and Penn State, Crisis Communications provides everything you need to successfully lead your company through todaya€™s rocky landscape of businessa€”where crises large and small loom around every corner, and the lives of businesses and management teams hang in the balance. PRAISE FOR STEVEN FINKa€™S CRISIS MANAGEMENT a€œEvery major executive in America ought to read at least one book on crisis management. In this way, he or she might be better prepared to deal with the disasters striking organizations at an ever-increasing rate ... The question is: a€˜Is Steven Finka€™s book one that busy executives ought to read?a€™ The answer is a resounding yes.a€a€”LOS ANGELES TIMES, FRONT PAGE SUNDAY BOOK REVIEWIf you plan your crisis communications arguments strategically, you can prevail. ... Thomas Jefferson, in his infinite genius, wrote the document as an issues management campaigna€”an argumenta€”to persuade those in the colonies who wereanbsp;...

Title:Crisis Communications: The Definitive Guide to Managing the Message
Author:Steven Fink
Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional - 2013-02-12


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