Critical Approaches to Television

Critical Approaches to Television

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I. Theoretical and Critical Foundations 1. The Context for Criticism: Television and Society 2. Foundations of Television Criticism 3. Critical Approaches to Television Discourse: An Overview 4. Writing Television Criticism II. Text-Centered Critical Approaches 5. Semiotic/Structural Criticism A Sample Study: John Fiske's qPopularity and Ideology: A Structuralist Reading of Dr. Whoq 6. Genre Criticism A Sample Study: Matthew P. McAllister's qRecombinant Television Genres and Doogie Howser, M.D.q 7. Rhetorical Criticism Two Sample Studies: Bonnie Dow's qMurphy Brown: Postfeminism Personifiedq; Sarah R. Stein's, qThe 1984 Macintosh Ad: Cinematic Icons and Constitutive Rhetoric in the Launch of a New Machineq 8. Narrative Criticism A Sample Study: Bruce E. Gronbeck's qThe Visual and Narrative Rhetoric of Redemption: American Culture Responds to 9/11q III. Producer-Centered Approaches 9. Auteur Criticism A Sample Study: Richard Campbell and Jimme L. Reeves's qTelevision Authors: The Case of Hugh Wilsonq 10. Production Context Criticism A Sample Study: Elana Levine's qToward a Paradigm for Media Production Research: Behind the Scenes at General Hospitalq 11. Ideological Criticism A Sample Study: Mark P. Orbe's qConstructions of Reality on MTV's The Real World: An Analysis of the Restrictive Coding of Black Masculinityq IV. Reception-Centered Approaches 12. Reader-Oriented Criticism A Sample Study: Lawrence A. Wenner's qThe Dream Team, Communicative Dirt, and the Marketing of Synergy: USA Basketball and Cross-Merchandising in Television Commercialsq 13. Audience Ethnographic Criticism A Sample Study: Rona Tamiko Halualani and Leah R. Vande Berg's q'Asian or American': Meanings In, Through, and Around All-American Girlq 14. Cultural Criticism: General Approaches Two Sample Studies: Heather L. Hundley's qThe Naturalization of Beer in Cheers; Cathy Sandeen's qSuccess Defined by Television: The Value System Promoted by PM Magazineq 15. Cultural Criticism: Mythic, Feminist, and Psychoanalytic Approaches Three Sample Studies: Susan Owen's qVampires, Postmodernity and Postfeminism: Buffy the Vampire Slayerq; Robert Westerfelhaus and Teresa A. Combs's qCriminal Investigations and Spiritual Quests: The X-Files as an Example of Hegemonic Concordance in Mass-Mediated Societyq; Sonia Livingstone and Tamar Liebes's qWhere Have All the Mothers Gone? Soap Opera's Replaying of the Oedipal Storyq V. Ethics and the Critical Approach 16. Television, Ethicsof recent television have been recombinants, including the above-mentioned Moonlighting as well as Hill Street Blues ... (a aquot;musical detective dramaaquot;), and Eerie, Indian (aquot;The Wonder Years meets Twin Peaks, aquot; according to TV Guide). ... Although ratings slipped in the 1991-92 season, the fall premiere episode, where Doogie lost his virginity, scored a ... at the latest, following the 1994 season, which the title character turns 21 (Beck, 1992, p. 3). What makes this program so successful?

Title:Critical Approaches to Television
Author:Leah R. Vande Berg, Lawrence A. Wenner, Bruce E. Gronbeck
Publisher:Pearson College Division - 2003-08-01


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