Critical Infrastructure Protection in Homeland Security

Critical Infrastructure Protection in Homeland Security

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q...excellent for use as a text in information assurance or cyber-security courses...I strongly advocate that professors...examine this book with the intention of using it in their programs.q (Computing, March 22, 2007) qThe book is written as a student textbook, but it should be equally valuable for current practitioners...this book is a very worthwhile investment.q (Homeland Security Watch, August 17, 2006) While the emphasis is on the development of policies that lead to successful prevention of terrorist attacks on the nationa€™s infrastructure, this book is the first scientific study of critical infrastructures and their protection. The book models the nationa€™s most valuable physical assets and infrastructure sectors as networks of nodes and links. It then analyzes the network to identify vulnerabilities and risks in the sector combining network science, complexity theory, modeling and simulation, and risk analysis. The most critical components become the focus of deeper analysis and protection. This approach reduces the complex problem of protecting water supplies, energy pipelines, telecommunication stations, Internet and Web networks, and power grids to a much simpler problem of protecting a few critical nodes. The new edition incorporates a broader selection of ideas and sectors and moves the mathematical topics into several appendices.... potential turned out to be SOCa€”a property of complexity thoroughly studied by Per Bak until his death in 2004. ... Complex systems like the electric power grid, water networks, transportation networks, and communication networks tend to ... of sand may lead to avalanches of unpredictable sizea€”even extreme avalanches that completely destroy the sand pile. ... and parts of a system evolve, they form an architecturea€”the wiring diagram, if you willa€”that magnifies system collapse.

Title:Critical Infrastructure Protection in Homeland Security
Author:Ted G. Lewis
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2014-11-17


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