Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

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This book is a comprehensive introduction to critical thinking skills and the philosophical and factual bases of critical thinking. Contents: DEGREESI ANALYSIS OF REASONING. Short Simple Reasoning; Longer More Complex Discourse. EVALUATION OF REASONING. Basic Concepts of Evaluation; Degrees of Support Reasons Give to Conclusions; Critical Life Decisions: Complete Evaluation of Reasoning; Syllogistic Logic; Reasoning with Statements; Moderate to Fallacious Arguments. EVALUATING UNSUPPORTED BELIEFS. Justification, Paradigms, and Reasoning; Seeing, Reasoning and Scientific Justification; Justification in Law; Philosophical Dialectic and High Justification; Religion and Science; Pseudoscience as Unjustified Statements; The United States and the Global Corporate Economy. Appendices; Index; Bibliography; ExerA concept is the technical meaning of a word. Often it is elaborated, explained in a number of sentences. For example, the word a€œargumenta€ has the ordinary meaning a€œfight, a€ a€œdisagreement, a€ or a€œdispute.a€ In Philosophy, however, it means a anbsp;...

Title:Critical Thinking
Author:Robert Cogan
Publisher:University Press of America - 1998-01-01


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