Cruising in the Fast Lane

Cruising in the Fast Lane

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All girls don't go to New York City to live and work. All women do not q try everything.q All single women do not qmake it in New York.q This book reveals the highlights and pitfalls of such a life. Opportunities opened because of relationships - but not through sex. Sex had other results. Some were good. Friends were many and enemies were numerous, vengeful and tough. Both were justified in their feelings. With awe and respect for knowledge or talent, patience was rarely shown for stupidity and slow wits. Achievement and valor seemed too natural to be worthy of notice. This writer's agenda was always about the next challenge. All men were competition but very good company. The effort to make money failed; money came with hard work for good causes. Maybe the reluctance to have children stems for the genesis of prolific forefathers. My grandfather had sixteen children, numerous siblings and he was sixth or seventh generation in the U.S. Although General Robert Overton, the alleged sixteenth century forebear of the clan, was a British politician, England apparently has few by that name. Life in the fast lane ranged from obeying the speed limit to permitting no passers.She had lots of dough, enough to be considered rich. Her thing was the horse races, before the ... At the very last possible second, she would signal the horsea#39;s number and the booth would get her money. This system was really dependent onanbsp;...

Title:Cruising in the Fast Lane
Author:Mary Overton
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-06-01


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