Cry On Cue: Unmedicated Edition

Cry On Cue: Unmedicated Edition

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Do you hate chick-lit? Do you hate therapy? When people describe antisocial disorder do you think, qWow, I just met my soul mateq? If you checked off yes to any of these questions, then Floren Felvturn's anti chick-lit autobiography qCry On Cueq is just the downer you've been craving. Floren Felvturn, a virginal nymphomaniac, has come forward to tell her unflattering and bizarre life story to author and editor Mitchell Warren. Floren details her court-ordered therapy sessions, recounts her lost friendships with complete psychos, and confesses a secret so horrifying it could set postmodern feminism back 1000 years. Mitchell Warren was somehow able to take hundreds of hours of Floren's insane rambling, traumatic memories, and manic delusions and develop them into a semi-coherent adults-only book with a message. The end result is a tragic parody about love, life and the secrets we hide all in the name of sanity.a€œYour coffee. Your vanilla latte.a€ a€œThank you, dear, a€ I said. He paused, lingering around Paulaa#39;s side of the table. ... It was a refill of my original order, which was black coffee with cinnamon. ... to describe the perfect cup of coffee, a€ I reminded Paula for no particular reasona€”okay, reason being to get the evil waitera#39;s attention.

Title:Cry On Cue: Unmedicated Edition
Author:Mitchell Warren
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-09-20


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