Cube Sleuth

Cube Sleuth

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Bobby Pinker hates his humdrum corporate job. He only has one friend at work, a comedian named Ron. Just as their friendship starts to blossom, Ron is found dead in the office parking garage. The police rule Rona€™s death a suicide, but Bobby becomes convinced one of his coworkers murdered him. He starts snooping around the office, slipping voice-activated tape recorders under desks, breaking into the HR filing cabinet, and tailing people home. Bobbya€™s investigation will likely get him fired. It will possibly get him arrested. And if he isna€™t careful, it just might get him killed. Cube Sleuth is a dark comedy and an amateur-detective murder mystery. A tragedy told with comedic timing. And a raunchy tale of a twenty-something bachelor whose libido leads him down a dangerous path. If you like mysteries with richly developed characters, crisp dialogue, bizarre twists, and boner jokes, this is the book for you.a€œBecause, Bob, you havethe look ofa man whoa#39;s just had a life-changing experience.a€ He calls me Bob because he knows Ihate it. a€œYour faceis euphoric and bewildered at the same time. You look sortof how how my cousin Ray looked anbsp;...

Title:Cube Sleuth
Author:David Terruso
Publisher:Full Fathom Five Digital - 2015-01-07


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