Culture and Social Theory

Culture and Social Theory

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These essays use a common interpretive framework to show how economic and other concepts are socially constructed, how political philosophers and the workings of democracy can be understood, and how rational choice theories might be given wider application and greater discriminatory power. Aaron Wildavsky hoped that fellow social scientists would be persuaded of the unifying and integrating potential of what Mary Douglas called qgrid-group theoryq (which he further developed as qcultural theoryq) by seeing this explanatory tool used in so many different ways and with regard to such a variety of issues and questions.Externalities do not represent a major shortcoming of the market economy, but are just side effects we have to accept in exchange ... Trying to correct externalities through governmental coercion (to individualists, the two terms, government andanbsp;...

Title:Culture and Social Theory
Author:Aaron Bernard Wildavsky
Publisher:Transaction Publishers -


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