Cupcakes and Crushes

Cupcakes and Crushes

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Sometimes there is enough sweet to make up for the bitter. Turtle Pine, Book 1 Years ago, a broken heart sent Annie Cookie running from home, and shea€™s never looked backa€”until now. Her grandpaa€™s broken wrist means the family bakery is at risk of losing two big orders. Reluctantly, Annie returns to Turtle Pine to help out, only to discover ita€™s not just seven hundred cupcakes she has to bake, but also a wedding cake for the half-sister who stole her high-school sweetheart. Annie left town to get away from her sister. No way is she getting mixed up with her again. Once the cupcakes are done, shea€™s outta there. Back in high school, Cade Revlin hid his crush on his brothera€™s girl, but when his brother dumped Annie for another Cookie sister, Annie slipped through his fingers and out of town. Now that shea€™s back, hea€™s determined to give her a reason to stay. Hea€™s got one week to change her mind. Or shea€™ll be gone in a cloud of powdered sugar. Warning: Contains small-town meddling, family drama and all the necessary ingredients for a second chance at lovea€”if they have the guts to turn up the heat.a€œInever saidit wasa great reason, but you two would make pretty babies. Thata#39;s a good reason.a€ She laughed. Paulawas impossible, but Cade never having a serious girlfriend before was interesting.It shouldna#39;t besincethata#39;s not whatshe was inanbsp;...

Title:Cupcakes and Crushes
Author:Keri Ford
Publisher:Samhain Publishing - 2015-04-14


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