Cupid's Playground

Cupid's Playground

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I feel my heart racing when I see his face. I lose all my words when he smiles at me. My best moments are alone in my bed when I dream of him. He's my best friend. I feel intoxicated by his touch. Suffocation when he's near. Motivated when I see his girlfriend, to let him know I'm the one. His name is Jason. It's confession time. I'm in love with my best friend. My name is Melissa, and I've been best friends with Jason since grade school. It's now senior year, and I'm determined to let him know how I feel about him. With the help of Cupid and my friend, Kerri, I hope to find the words to tell him how I feel. The feelings that I have for this man is unexplainable. I desire him in a way that makes me re-think my good girl status. He makes it so easy loving him with his charming, sweet, and gentlemen ways. I can't take being in the friends zone with him anymore. Girlfriend or not, I need his undivided attention. It's wrong to have this much lust for one individual person. I never been kissed. Never been touched, and yet have this undeniable desire for him to be the first everything. I'm stingy and selfish wanting him to leave her altogether. It's senior year, and I'm not stopping, until he's mine.Last night he calls talking about maybe we can fix us. ... a€œHow long are you going make him work before you actually take him back?a€ Jason questions ... a€œYo, Ker, what do you think about Mel having a pool party at my house for her birthday?

Title:Cupid's Playground
Author:Nichole A. Carter
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-06-12


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