Cure Your Self of Cancer

Cure Your Self of Cancer

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Cure Your qSelfq of Cancer...from desperation to a healthy body, mind and spirit...Having cancer is depressing. Information comes to you from many directions and your mind races to keep pace. When you need sleep and rest the most, you cannot sleep as the visions of the worst and the unknown dance around in your head. Cancer does not have to be the end of your life. On the other hand; it is a time to reach down within your inner being and find out what it is that made you deathly ill. Only you know why you got cancer. You might be saying right now qI don't know why...q What we now know is that deep inside your subconscious lies the secret to your ultimate wellness.The pages of this book have been set up to show you a logical progression of how you can change your lifestyle in order to cure yourself of cancer. There are sections on nutrition and how you will need to make changes in your daily diet in order to be healthy again. Other sections of the book will guide you through a qthought changing processq to unlock the deep buried emotional reasons for your illness. To attain happiness and health, you must be willing to be totally honest with yourself and qget downq to what it is that has made you seriously ill.Day. 23: Menu. Recipes. Morning: Freshly Squeezed Grapefruit Juice ~ A bowl of Oatmeal with Blackberries, topped with Low-Fat Cottage Cheese, Linseed Oil, Honey and Shaved Coconut. ~ 8 Oz. Glass of Water ~ Chinese Green Tea or Cup anbsp;...

Title:Cure Your Self of Cancer
Author:Carol Patterson - 2010-11-12


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