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Veteran health care insider Stephen S. S. Hyde says we can cure today's health care crisis by enabling every American consumer to demand the answers to two question: qWhich are the best doctors and hospitals for my medical needs?q and qWhich of them are the least expensive?q None of these answers are available now. They should be, and they can be. But to get there we must first correct the fundamental market and regulatory failure that has given us 7 decades of misguided actions by employers, government, insurers, medical providers, and consumers to produce the dysfunctional mess we have today. Hyde reveals how we can have affordable, portable health insurance and high-quality health care for everyone, and How we can double medical quality at half the cost Why the government must adopt 3 critical regulatory reforms The 7 key elements of health care reform to achieve 8 essential goalsA 1998 analysis of the program by University of Chicago Professor Brigitte Madrian indicated that though COBRA has enabled ... This constitutes a big increase in his premiums, since employees, on average, pay only about 25% of groupanbsp;...

Author:Stephen S. S. Hyde
Publisher:Stephen Hyde - 2009


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