Currency of the Heart

Currency of the Heart

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In 1998, Don Nichols returned regularly to Iowa from his life and job in Washington, D.C., to be with his dying father and to oversee his parentsa€™ investments. A veteran investor and investment author, Nichols found that managing the portfolio entrusted to him brought a larger understanding of mortality, family, love, work, and the choices he had made as a€œan agri-kid who took the road out of town and kept going.a€ In this insightful and money-wise book that grew out of that experience, he merges the emotions of a dutiful son with the actions of a knowledgeable investor. Nichols uses money in myriad formsa€”a grandfathera€˜s silver dollar, stocks and bonds, salaries, pallets of coins at the U.S. Mint, on-the-job dealings with coin collectorsa€”as touchstones for reflections on relationships, motives, and a career qlike one of those moving walkways in airports.q His father's health is measured, tested, and evaluated in part by the health of his finances; at the same time, the turmoil and mystery surrounding both money and relationships are reflected in this memorable story. Wry, unsentimental, and financially savvy, Currency of the Heart is about rediscovering family, managing a portfolio, honoring promises, grieving, and healing; it is about a father and a son who once a€œfought like medieval villagers in a Thirty Yearsa€˜ Wara€ and the deepening bond between a middle-age son and his aging mother. It is a multilayered story for everyone who will manage, financially and emotionally, a parent's death.My parents never owed tax on their social security checks because therea#39;s a higher threshold for married couples, and so for the first time since Dad died Ia#39;m facing a financial problem he never faced. My re- action is not my fathera#39;s. Dad wouldanbsp;...

Title:Currency of the Heart
Author:Donald Nichols
Publisher:University of Iowa Press - 2005-04-01


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