Curvature Cosmology

Curvature Cosmology

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Curvature Cosmology proposes a new cosmological model very different from, and more elegant than, the Big-Bang Theory. Curvature Cosmology is based on two major hypotheses that Hubble redshift is due to an interaction of photons with curved spacetime and that there is a pressure that acts to stabilise expansion and provides a static stable universe. The main focus of this book is to describe these two hypotheses in detail and to examine all relevant cosmological data in the context of this new model of the universe. This model proposes that, though evolution of stars and galaxies is evident, the statistical properties of the universe are the same at all places and at all times. In short, the universe is ageless, has no defined beginning (unlike the Big-Bang model), and carries no evidence of expansion, despite the changeability of its components. Curvature Cosmology is a complex book that calls for a paradigm shift in current cosmology and requires at least basic (if not more complex) knowledge of past and current cosmological models and equations.6.5.6 Supernovae analysis: conclusion Both Big-Bang and curvature-cosmology models can explain the supernovae results. ... Given strong selection effects, the observations of type 1a supernovae show excellent support for curvature- cosmology. ... that any expanding universe cosmology predicts that time variations and clocks have the same dependence on redshift as does the frequency of radiation.

Title:Curvature Cosmology
Author:David F. Crawford
Publisher:Universal-Publishers - 2006


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