Curved Memories

Curved Memories

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In the late night and early morning hours of July 14th and 15th of 2001, over one hundred people throughout the New York and New Jersey area witnessed a tremendous object moving slowly at a very low altitude. The triangular or diamond-shaped object, as described by several eyewitnesses, bore fifteen to as many as thirty glowing orange balls of light forming somewhat of a V pattern. The object made no sounds of any kind as it hovered in silence over neighboring towns. Some called the event amazing while others called it peaceful and beautiful. It wasn't a group of planes flying in formation or even the aurora borealis. What was it, then? No one seems to have the answer, but someone out there might. It was just another ordinary Saturday night when John was driving home from the shore. Little did he know that it would be a night that he wouldn't soon forget. Within the first year of the incident, John was periodically being tormented by eerie images and visions. For months and months he lost countless hours of sleep from these disturbing dreams. Some of them would last only for a few moments while others would last for several days. John kept silent, telling no one about these accounts as he jotted them down on paper whenever they occurred. Over the course of a couple of years, John has been trying to piece together one of the greatest mysteries that continues to elude him. As the pages were coming together, he realized that stories started slowly unfolding before his eyes. These mind-boggling events would overwhelm his soul daily the more he wrote and read about them. John relentlessly pursues the issue with the result of either taking one step forward closer to the answer or two stepsbackwards farther away from the truth. This is the first of the chronicles of mystery, death, trust, intrigue, and deceit. John continues to write about the images and visions as long as they appear to him in hopes of one day solving the mystery of the lights over New Jersey.The Chronicles of the Lights Over New Jersey John Predovan ... a€œHere, let me fix your pillow a bit, a€ the nurse said as she lifted my head, adjusting the pillow. ... My eyes quickly widened and I started to back up a little in my bed in fear. a€œHow can anbsp;...

Title:Curved Memories
Author:John Predovan
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2006-06-01


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