Custom Home Do's & Don'ts

Custom Home Do's & Don'ts

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qCustom Home Do's a Don'ts: The ULTIMATE GUIDE for getting your custom home DONE RIGHT!, q written by Custom Home Consultant, Kip Koehler, . He provides the education, design and construction-oversight to prospective homeowners who want to build their dream home. Construction can often be a daunting process with few resources to fall back on. Kip's objective is to remove the misunderstanding and failed hopes from this complex process by providing the details that are needed for making informed decisions. This is the definitive self-help book that reveals what prospective homeowners must know before embarking on their custom home construction. It has over 150 pages of facts and opinion that can not easily be obtained from other sources. It is written for those who want to build a custom home that satisfies their dream; or, wants to make intelligent decision on hundreds of options, avoid the hidden pitfalls that can easily occur, save significant money through error avoidance, have a healthy curiosity about the building process, understand their choices and those who do not have an unlimited budget and want to receive good value or do not want to be taken advantage of. This book begins with the experiences of the author and his wife in their efforts to build a show-quality home on a reasonable budget. Their labors paid off handsomely when their design was featured in the local newspaper. It provides prospective homeowners with high quality information in order for them to become proficient at understanding and managing the ramifications of new home construction. Clearly it is having information that is the basis for making informed decisions and for becoming adept at designing an interesting and enjoyable home. At a minimum, by studying this book, prospective homeowners should be able to avoid some of the pitfalls that can adversely affect their construction. Sprinkled in among the do's, don'ts, caveats and guidance will be more than a few of Kip's personal recommendations for home design. No doubt you will not agree with all of these suggestions. However, this can still be a good thing since the ideas may act as food for thought. Not everyone should build the same home. After all, uniqueness is a virtue. A new chapter in this expanded edition deals with the remodeling of existing residences. This information is provided with an eye toward maximizing the dollars that are returned on the sale of your current home. A little wisdom here can pay big benefits. The views presented in this book are just the tip of the home design iceberg. It would not be realistic to list every suggestion, admonition or tip that Kip might want to, since some of them may have only limited or specific application. He suggests dealing directly with a home consultant, designer, architect or contractor for more personalized assistance.117 The Minimalist Size 117 Smarter Bathrooms? 117 Jack and Jill 118 Porcelain Facility 119 Sound Proofing 119 Showers and Tubs 119 Shower door 120 Shower features 120 Storing Your Things 121 Updating the Sink 121 About Wateranbsp;...

Title:Custom Home Do's & Don'ts
Author:Kip Koehler
Publisher:Kip Koehler - 2010


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