Cyber Snoop Nation

Cyber Snoop Nation

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Sixteen-year-old Cybersnoop, Littanie Webster, color coordinated down to her underwear in denim and a Greek fisherman's cap, sat with her legs folded under her in 'the cage.' qWelcome to Cyber Snoop Nation, q she specified. It was eighty degrees inside the recording booth and humid. On the advice of her lawyer, she decided on a guest for the evening at the last possible minute-Gene Wright. He wheeled his desk chair in a semi-circle and clicked a ball point pen nervously until she extended her hand and steadied him. Her voice was courteous, but patronizing. qWe're on the air in five seconds-no background noise, please!q He braced his chair against her desk. She pinched the pen out of his fingers and tossed it into a cup filled with pencils. He grabbed it from the cup, spilling the contents over with a crashing sound. qKlutz!q She screamed in a whisper. qYou'd make a fortune in comedy reviving the Three Stooges.q qSorry, it's my gold award pen.q Gene looked up at her with the child in himself giving her the pout of a newborn lamb. The red lights blinked qOn Air, q and her silver gaze of false innocence imploded into a critical squint. qWe have a surprise guest tonight, folks, q she murmured mysteriously. The words tingled strangely on her tongue. A caller, Gene Wright, nursed the microphone as if it were too precious to defile. qWhy would someone offer a foreign guy two million to murder you?qGene stuck the small, round tracking device under the back seat and clicked the button. It gave off a pulsing signal. Marz fixed his gaze on his colleague, Millen and Littanie until the car pulled up beside a shoddy, adult motel. ... Marzregistered while the others waited in the back parking lot next to a vending machine.

Title:Cyber Snoop Nation
Author:Anne Hart
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-03-01


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