D. C. Gun Laws and Proposed Amendments

D. C. Gun Laws and Proposed Amendments

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In the wake of the Supreme CourtAis decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, which declared three firearms provisions of the D.C. Code unconstitutional, a flurry of legislation was introduced both in Congress and in the D.C. Council. Contents of this report: Intro.; Overview of Congress. and D.C. Legislation; Analysis of D.C. Gun Laws Under the Proposed Amendments; Additional District Provisions That Would Be Affected by the Congressional Proposals: Qualifications and Duties for Dealers of Firearms; Transfer or Sale by Non-Dealers and by Licensed Dealers; Assault Weapons/Handgun Roster; Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Devices; Waiting Period; Micro-stamping and Discharge of Firearms. This is a print on demand report.31 By virtue of this broad definition, any semiautomatic weapon that could shoot more than 12 shots without manual reloading, whether pistol, rifle, or shotgun, was deemed a a€œmachine gun, a€ and prohibited from being registered. It. 30 H.R. 645anbsp;...

Title:D. C. Gun Laws and Proposed Amendments
Author:Vivian S. Chu
Publisher:DIANE Publishing - 2011-08


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