Daily Spanish For Dummies®, Mini Edition

Daily Spanish For Dummies®, Mini Edition

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Pick up the basic Spanish you need to get around! Do you need to speak Spanish quickly? Now it is easier than ever before to make yourself understood whenever you are interacting with Spanish speakers. This handy guide is packed with pronunciation tips, useful phrases and expressions, common greetings, and conversational questions. It gives you just the right words you need! Find out: The proper way to introduce yourself Correct pronunciations for key letters and vowels How to make small talk Different ways to handle phone conversations Helpful phrases for dining out or shopping tripsNot so in Spanish. Actual(ahk-tooahl) in Spanish means a€œpresent; current; belonging to this moment, this day, or this year.a€ So, for example, when you say a€œ the actual paintinga€ in English, youa#39;re referring to the real one, the very one people areanbsp;...

Title:Daily Spanish For Dummies®, Mini Edition
Author:Susana Wald
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2010-12-14


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