Dalek I Loved You

Dalek I Loved You

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Nick Griffiths watched his first Doctor Who aged four and a bit. He would have hidden behind the sofa but it was back against the wall and his parents didn't let him move furniture so he hid behind a cushion instead. He's since been told by his mum and dad that they didn't have a sofa only armchairs. So this book should really be called Behind the Armchair, but that didn't sound right. And so began a life long obsession. When Doctor Who started getting rubbish (after Tom Baker basically) he nearly escaped into the world of music and girls until he discovered someone selling tapes of old episodes in the small ads and that was that again. Only in the last few years has an anti-social obsession become something he can earn a living from as a journalist and happily this coincided with Doctor Who getting good again. Plus he has a son now so he can claim he's watching it for him. Oh and his son's called Dylan not Gallifray or Davros.I spoke to The Edge of U2 at the aftershow party and even members of the banda#39;s families, including one grandmother, such ... It went on: The Stone Roses in Finland, Sonic Youth in London, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine in Readinganbsp;...

Title:Dalek I Loved You
Author:Nick Griffiths
Publisher:Victor Gollancz - 2007


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