Damnation Falls

Damnation Falls

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A stunningly atmospheric contemporary stand-alone - about murder, madness and dangerous secrets in a small town Randall Wilkes, his big-city journalism career in ruins, has returned after twenty years to Pilgrim's Rest, the Tennessee hill town where he grew up. He has taken on a lucrative but low-prestige writing job for Sonny McMahan, a former governor and Randall's boyhood friend. Faye McMahan, Sonny's mother, is addled with age, imagining that her dead husband is alive and worrying that her son might be in danger. Amid a violent autumn storm, Randall finds Faye hideously murdered, hanged by the neck from a bridge over the town landmark called Damnation Falls. Within days, another person connected to the McMahan clan is murdered in an even more grisly fashion. And the bones of a third, long-buried murder victim - a young woman - have emerged from the earth. Randall's ties to the victims force him to acknowledge debts that go back decades. Drawing on his investigative skills and his roots in the region, he sets out to discover who is behind the killings. His search takes him the length of the state - a land once split by civil war, where history lies close to the surface and tales of murder and betrayal weigh heavily on the town of Pilgrim's Rest. Before all the answers are in, more people will die, an old score will be settled, and the dead will finally tell their stories.I was beginning to recast my plan when I saw twin brake lights flash once, then again on the road ahead of him. A car ... I started up the Toyota, backed it out of the drive, and, with no lights on, headed after him. Taking the turn onto the road where Ia#39;d last spotted him, I saw nothing up ahead. ... I took off and soon spotted him. ... For about a minute I sat there deciding what to do. ... A faint sound came from the other side of the door. ... But this voice was not his, so I put Plan B into effect.

Title:Damnation Falls
Author:Edward Wright
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2008-09-18


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