Dan Gookin's Naked Windows XP

Dan Gookin's Naked Windows XP

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At Last! A Book for Intermediate Users! Do you find Windows XP frustrating? You're not alone. Best-selling author Dan Gookin lays bare the best (and worst) of Windows XP in this book for users who want to work faster, easier, and smarter. If you want real help dealing with Windows XP's imperfections, take a deep breath and let Dan be your guide. Using easy-to-follow instructions, Dan reveals alternative (and better) ways of completing particular tasks, shows you how to use powerful productivity-increasing commands, and teaches you how to configure Windows to suit your needs. You'll also learn how Windows works so that you can always remain one step ahead of it. Dan Gookin's Naked Windows XP transforms you into a more expert, dynamic, and headache-free user. Expert Advice That Will Change Life As You Know It (for the Better) * Why the System Configuration utility is a buried treasure...and what it can do for you * Whipping Internet Explorer into shape * Dinking with and wrangling the Taskbar * Sending the Quick Launch bar to obedience school * Fixing, pruning, and grafting menus * Making the Desktop your own * Protecting files from death, destruction, or mere accidental erasure * Teaching the Notification Area to obey your whim * Secrets and solutions for working with images and graphics * How MediaPlayer's playlists can make your life easier * Curing those Internet connection blues * How to say qNo!q to spam * Disk management chores you really need to do * And much more!... this item :Q Copy this item V Delete this item Other Places QAr Control Panel iQ My Documents Search Folders | Name * a#39;^j Add Scheduled ... gJPCHealth Scheduler for Data, , As3 Tune-up Application Start I q} vishnua#39;s Desktop Cleanup m, . , Disabled At 1:08 PM every d. ... Remove the check mark next to aquot;Enabled ( Scheduled Task Runs at Specified Time). ... Running the Desktop Cleanup Wizard Manually Without risking repetitive mental stress injury by having the Desktop Cleanupanbsp;...

Title:Dan Gookin's Naked Windows XP
Author:Dan Gookin
Publisher:Sybex - 2002-06-04


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